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There can be various reasons why a person decides to open a restaurant. But for people dedicated to creativity and connoisseurs of good food, pleasant experiences and perfectionism – this is a way of life through which you have the opportunity to express yourself every day – your ideas, thoughts, desires and dreams. This is also the restaurant for us. We live /almost literally/ in him and he lives through us. That is why we often say – the concept of the restaurant – this is us. And as each person evolves, he evolves with us. That’s why we hope to be better every day.  And if people work with soul and heart – the guests will feel it and the culinary scene will become more and more extensive and colourful.

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Donchevi Kitchen & Bar blends tradition and heritage with creativity and modern design. The result is an unforgettable visitor experience that reaches all the senses with delicious food, unbelievable drinks and an atmosphere that blends comfort and high style. Every detail is meticulously woven into an unique experience that will leave you breathless. Tease your taste buds with a quick look through our menus. Discover the whole world of Balkan cuisine on your table with our unlimited tasting menu that give you a chance to try a little bit of everything.

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We offer takeout and food delivery services. Savour the flavours of Balkan cuisine without leaving the comfort of your own home. For your convenience, Donchevi Kitchen & Bar is offered in all the popular ordering apps. You can place your order online from the button below.

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